Where you can watch and read the Sailor Moon Anime/Manga (Mini Masterpost)


Since a lot of people are coming back or joining the Sailor Moon fandom because of Sailor Moon Crystal, I’ve seen this question in the Sailor Moon tag as of lately.

Just like I did  PGSM ,here are some links where you can watch and read the Sailor Moon Anime/ Manga.  


Miss Dream-  You can download the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga scanlations or the pdfs that can go on your tablet or Ipad.

Neo-Nobility- This where I got the scanlations first before I got Miss dreams. Their translation is little different because I think they use the Mixx versions.


Sailor Moon Center- This is amazing site to download either the Sub or Dub versions of the anime via torrent. Stunning DVD quality. 

Watchsailormoon- Another place you can watch Sailor Moon online if you don’t want to download it. 

Isshou-Ni.net- You can download the subbed episodes one at a time here. This is good for people who are new to the show and don’t want to download the whole series. 

Justdubs- You can watch the dub online. 

Anime Guides- The Sailor Moon anime is five seasons which span over 200 episodes plus 3 movies and specials. That’s a lot of episodes for someone who is coming into the fandom or don’t have time to watch the whole series before SMC comes out. Here are a bunch of guides that can help you figure out which episodes are essential to the plot and which are fillers.  

Sailor Moon Essential Episodes- Someone took a screenshot of the list since the website doesn’t exist any more.  It’s list the episodes that are important to the plot (in black) and episodes that are filler or usually they get power ups episodes (in red).   

alicekaninchenbau is currently doing an episode guide too on their blog.( They haven’t done Stars yet.) Here is their list. 

Sailor Moon Classic

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon S

Sailor Moon SuperS

Sailor Moon Stars(tba)

Sailor Moon Filler Free Guide- Here’s another guide that amphiaria created. 

Note: All the guides say that the Doom Tree arc in Sailor Moon R can be skipped if you want to. That’s the only arc can be both plot or filler.  

You can find all these links and more on My Sailor Moon links page. 

Here’s a  masterpost of everything that is Moon,(Manga, Anime, PGSM, and Myu) if you need it. 


Probably the most important scene of the S season


Probably the most important scene of the S season


Let me remind you just how wrong you are!
What- I don’t know what you’re talking abou-

So I took one look at that Earth Day message and lost myself to a multiple day project. A project that was quickly derailed by drawing badass angry ladies. So the rest is kind of rushed. I needed this out of my system.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - somewhat pastel colour palette (insp)


This was fun ´・ᴗ・`

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